Scammers active in sailing

Via a partner I got the a request for a training program: ‘Maybe it’s something for you?’. At first I thought it was an odd request: a 6-month training stage for 58 young athletes from a training base of the Chinese Yachting Association in Kunming and I let it pass for a few days. My second thought was: I can’t let it pass just because it sounds like an odd project, it is China and they do projects like this in other sports already! I would feel foolish if I didn’t even try and see someone else running the project in a few months. Well, foolish I did feel for a while after I came back from signing the contract all the way in China: it turned out to be a scam.

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  • Fettje Osinga

    “I consider a gybeset as a tactical decision in a race: a manoeuvre which is foreseeing, purposeful and where effective communication is crucial. All essential elements in both business and sports. What’s your strategy?“

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Gybeset has stopped it's activities: Fettje got the opportunity to work fulltime for Nautor's Swan.