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It’s impossible to ignore the developments and importance of online media. It’s not only fun, it is also important to reach your audience and to create value for you stakeholders.

Gybeset is skilled to draw and execute the concept for you as an athlete, sailing team, class, event organiser or sponsor. Mainly concerning press releases, story telling, social media and video, but also building websites like this one.

The easy thing is that you can combine services from Gybeset easily. Press releases can be done by the event manager. You want a live-blog? A student or volunteer can be co-ordinated by the event manager to run it while she keeps the overview of the event. You want video reports? We’ll add Nynke to the project team: she and Fettje are a dream team on an event site!

Gybeset is able to work with the Adobe programs like photoshop, indesign and illustrator so for the basic promotional materials it’s not needed to hire an additional designer too.

  • Fettje Osinga

    “I consider a gybeset as a tactical decision in a race: a manoeuvre which is foreseeing, purposeful and where effective communication is crucial. All essential elements in both business and sports. What’s your strategy?“

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Gybeset has stopped it's activities: Fettje got the opportunity to work for Nautor's Swan Benelux / Seaport Sailing Yachts.